The Administration panel provides a convenient way to quickly generate tokens and manage users from your browser.

User Management

The User Management tab allows Admin and staff users to quickly get an overview of the users in their Soltra Edge system, view their last API usage, and grant/revoke permissions.

Admin and Staff members have full read/write access to all endpoints. However, Regular user accounts are denied all API access by default. You can grant permission to users on a case by case basis via the User Management Screen

Toggling API Access for regular users:

Select the “REST API Adapter” link from “Adapters” menu in Soltra Edge


Select the “User Management” tab on the left.


Search for the user you want to modify and click on their name to view details.


Here we’ve searched for “User123”. Because it is a regular user account, it does not have permission to access the API just yet. We can grant permission by clicking the “Enable API Access” button.


Similarly, if you wanted to revoke their API access, press the “Disable” button.


Personal Access Tokens

Personal Access Tokens work as stand-ins for your regular username and password. They allow you to provide a unique access token for each app you write and give you a means of managing the token lifecycle independently of your main account credentials.


Generating Tokens


Select the “Personal Access Tokens” tab on the left.

Give your token a descriptive name, and click the “Generate” button.


Make sure to take note of the token. It’ll only show the raw value this one time. Future visits to this page will show only the description you gave in the previous step.


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