Quick Start


This adapter is compatible with Soltra Edge versions: 2.9.+.


To install the REST API plug-in you will need to download it first from the Soltra Forums. Please log into the Soltra Forums using your forums account at If you do not have a forums account you can create one by using the "sign up" option. 

Once logged into the forums, please select "Downloads" and choose find the plug-ins area on the right side menu as shown below.



You will choose the Soltra Edge version you are looking for and will be directed to the license level you have access. Download the adapter locally to your computer/system hosting the Soltra Edge appliance.



After downloading the adapter to a known location on your computer/hosting system, select Settings > Plug-ins (do not unzip the adapter file).



Select the green Select and Upload button and point to the downloaded adapter.



Select to Install the adapter.



Select Install "Plug-in".



Finally, restart your services to make your new adapter available in Soltra Edge.


All done! Your adapter should now be available under the Plug-ins dropdown in the main navigation bar.

Exploring the API via browser

With the adapter installed, you can explore the API directly from your browser. Navigate to to view all of the active users in your system, or to start searching your STIX content. The views are interactive, so you can drill down into the API by clicking the various URLs present in the response.

Next Steps

With the adapter installed and dependencies resolved, you’re now set to start making programmatic requests via the API!

  • Check out the API Overview section to get up to speed on the basics of the API.
  • For controlling who can/cannot access the REST api, check out the Administration

Should you run into any issues, drop a note into the forums or contact the NC4 Support Center.


For more information, join the conversation in the Soltra Edge Forums at