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DHS|AIS Configuration Guide

To participate in AIS, please visit the following site and follow the 4 step process stated.

Once you get an email back from Taxiiadmin, please use the following configuration guide to set up a DHS/AIS site on your Soltra Edge appliance.

Logging into your Soltra Edge appliance

  1. Log into your Soltra Edge appliance

Adding the DHS/AIS Site

  1. In the Navigation Bar, select Settings > select the Directory Lookup drop down > Add a Site
  2. Create your Site by populating the following fields and select the blue Add Site button

** - discovery will initially fail, to be expected (cert error)

  1. Select the site you just created

  2. Select Connection and choose the blue Upload button

  1. Copy and paste your public and private key into the necessary fields **

  2. Enter the passphrase used in the creation of your certificate, if you are provided a passphrase **

  3. Select the blue Enable Two-Way button

Once you enable Two-Way, Soltra Edge will work to discover the DHS Taxii server. You can see the status of this connection in the discovery window in the upper right corner of the Site page.

Configuring the Feed

  1. Select Feeds and click the blue “+” sign

  1. Select what poll configuration you want for your appliance

    • Periodic – input an amount of time to poll automatically in minutes

      1. Example – 60 for 60 minutes

    • Wall-Clock

      1. Example – every 5 minutes, your appliance will perform a poll of the feed

    • Manual – input a time to start the sync

      1.  Example – 2017-05-13 00:00:00

        1. This translates to year-month-day hour:minute:second

  1. Select the blue Configure Feed button

You now will see your configured feed as shown below.

Subscription ID

  1. Click on your configured feed, and select Options (Blue AIS feed – example screenshot)

  2. Type in the Subscription ID you receive from DHS and select the blue Update button

**Important Notes

  • The public and private keys that will be copied/pasted in step 7 are the certificates you receive from your certificate vendor. You will not use the certificates you receive from TaxiiAdmin.

  • If you did not use a passphrase in the creation of your certificate, leave this area blank



For more information, join the conversation in the Soltra Edge Forums at