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Getting Started with Soltra Edge

This document will help introduce you to Soltra Edge by walking you through configuring a data source feed and loading data into your Soltra Edge instance.

Load a site from the Directory Service


On top left in Sites you will see a Directory Lookup pulldown, click on “View TAXII Directory Service”. 




In the left column, select a site and the "Feeds" column will display all feeds from the site.




Select the system.Default feed


Scroll to the bottom of the list and select the system.Default feed.


Begin feed configuration


Click the "Configure This Feed" button.



Configuring the feed


Under the "Poll this Feed" section, choose the "Manually" option. You can input a date range of your choosing or use the default range.

If you would like to download more historical data as well, pick a date 30 to 60 days in the past. This will take longer to populate CTI STIX data. Once you have finished the configuration, click "Poll Now" and click "Connect".

You have now connected to the feed!



View your data feed configuration and management


Click on the "You’re all set! Checkout your feed here" link to your Sites Data Feed ocnfiguration page.



View data feed status


From this page, you can view the data feed activity, as well as configuration options such as modifying the polling interval.



View downloaded data


To view data, select the "Search" option from the navagtion bar. 



Set data filter


You can filter which data type you would like to display by setting the filter on the right side of the screen, for example by selecting "Indicators", only STIX items of type "Indicator" will be displayed.


Set data filter


Home Page


The Home screen of Soltra Edge enables you to view the data in three different ways; graph, grid, and list views.  



The bar graph gives a break down of data based on object type.



The grid view gives a calendar count of objects per day and shows count of indicators and producers.



The list view provides a calendar count of objects per day and shows count of indicators and producers.



For more information, join the conversation in the Soltra Edge Forums at