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Soltra Edge Password Requirements

Soltra Edge has two separate accounts, both of which are created during first boot set up. These accounts are independent of each other and facilitate separate functions for the system. One is an account for the Soltra Edge® Application and one is a Linux system account.

Both accounts follow these password requirements:


  • Minimum of 14 characters in length


  • Include at least one uppercase letter (A-Z)
  • Include at least one lowercase letter (a-z)
  • Include at least one number (0-9)
  • Include at least one special character (such as #@!$%^)


  • Must not be the same as the previous five passwords


  • Passwords expire after 90 days
  • Users are notified of expiration seven days prior to expiration
  • Minimum of seven days between password changes


  • After five invalid login attempts, accounts are locked out for 15 minutes


  • Minimum of seven days between password changes
  • Password cannot be a dictionary word



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