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Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.11

(Released 10/3/2017)

Current Supported Versions

NC4 supports the latest version of our Soltra Edge solution and two versions back.  Therefore, we currently support the following Soltra Edge versions:

  • 2.11 (released on Oct 3, 2017)

  • 2.10 (released on Mar 23, 2017)

  • 2.9 (released on Oct 1, 2016)

We encourage all users to upgrade to the latest version of Soltra Edge to take advantage of the new features and functions as well as the latest security and performance enhancements. Releases prior to those listed above will no longer receive support from our support team, security fixes or feature updates.

In this Release:

Polling Gets Smarter

As many users have identified, Soltra Edge behaved badly when encountering Polling errors. Essentially, Soltra Edge behaved like a little robot stuck in a corner trying to make a turn. Great meme material, but not a satisfying product experience. The good news is that we've unstuck the Polling robot. The bad news is, there's a lot of "various quality level" data out there and the Polling robot might get stuck again. If your Polling robot gets stuck, let us know and we'll fix him!

Traffic Light Protocol all the Things!

Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) is used for access control in threat intelligence. Some widely used threat intelligence sources (you know who you are) use Traffic Light Protocol a little differently than the rest of us. Soltra Edge now accounts for all the ways TLP is used in practice, providing Soltra Edge users with best-in-class sharing accuracy.

Improved User Experience

Continued improvements in user experience include:

  • Improved management of Organizations that you share cyber threat intelligence with by adding Search, Archive, and Reactivate
  • Improved the functionality of Organizations by adding search and full lifecycle management capabilities
  • Improved navigation, so that fewer clicks are needed to use Soltra Edge
  • Renamed adapters to Plug-Ins, so that their purpose is clearer

Many Small but Important Improvements


  • Enhanced Organizations so that the full lifecycle can be managed

  • Improved Users and Organizations by adding a filter so that you don't have to visually scan so many records

  • Enhanced the builders by adding an option to view the recently built object or "build and add another"

  • Improved the User Management screen by alphabetizing the list of Organizations

  • Enhanced Feed Polling so that users no longer have to manually skip time ranges when polling fails

  • Added a "Publish" feature, which replaces the "Feeds" feature, so that the user experience is improved

  • Renamed "Adapters" to "Plug-ins", so that the feature's name is more closely aligned with what it actually does

  • Renamed "Admin" to "Settings", and added a drop-down menu so that the user experience is improved

  • Improved the Navigation Menu so that disabled features are shown as disabled, not hidden, from users that don't have permission to see them

  • Added STIX Object Builders to the Navigation Menu so that users can build STIX Objects from anywhere

  • Improved the Feed Preview so that users can now preview all STIX objects in a Feed, instead of just Indicators

  • Upgraded core dependencies so that security fixes are applied, performance is improved, and new capabilities are available:

    • Upgraded Django from 1.7.11 to 1.11.1

    • Upgraded PyMongo from 2.9.3 to 3.4.0

    • Upgraded MongoEngine from 0.8.7 to 0.13.0

  • Enhanced the Users page by alphabetizing the organizations list. Thank you Beth and Josh!

  • Enhanced TLP controls by adding support for DHS AIS TLP markings. Thank you Jonus, Jodi, and Natalie!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the email field was not displayed. Administrators can edit user emails again

  • Fixed multiple issues where the proxy settings were not used in the TAXII system

  • Fixed multiple issues where errors related to proxy settings were not effectively communicated to the user

  • Fixed an issue where, when a STIX document producer fails to add timezone to a datetime, Soltra Edge will handle the missing timezone more gracefully.

    • This appears as "ValueError: astimezone() cannot be applied to a naive datetime" in the crashlog

  • Fixed an issue where viewing users logins would become slow on Soltra Edges with lots of logins

  • Fixed an issue where clicking the TTP link on the Dashboard incorrectly navigated to Indicators

  • Fixed an issue where the Indicator Builder did not display SSDeep observables

  • Fixed an issue where Soltra Edge could not use a certificate without a passphrase

  • Fixed an issue where cleartext (HTTP) TAXII functionality would fail to start. Secure (HTTPS) TAXII functionality is unaffected.

  • Fixed an issue where Soltra Edge LE users were not being notified when exceeding the limits of Soltra Edge LE

  • Fixed an issue where the Client Certificate Download link was incorrectly hidden

  • Fixed an issue where the sightings section on the homepage was blank

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Trust Group would sometimes cause odd UI behavior

  • Fixed an issue where the edit user email address, on the User profile page, had disappeared accidentally

  • Fixed multiple issues related to roles and permissions, where sometimes users could not access areas of the application they were entitled to

Shout Outs

Thank you to Josh, Beth, Jonus, and Jodi for reporting issues that were resolved in this release! Soltra Edge is better because you care.

If you'd like a shout out, please report issues to your support contact or on the Soltra Forums (Support Forum).


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