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Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.11.2

(Released 12/15/2017)

Current Supported Versions

NC4 supports the latest version of our Soltra Edge solution and two versions back.  Therefore, we currently support the following Soltra Edge versions:

  • 2.11 (released on Oct 3, 2017)

  • 2.10 (released on Mar 23, 2017)

  • 2.9 (released on Oct 1, 2016)

We encourage all users to upgrade to the latest version of Soltra Edge to take advantage of the new features and functions as well as the latest security and performance enhancements. Releases prior to those listed above will no longer receive support from our support team, security fixes or feature updates.

In this Release:

Mastering TLP:None

Over the past couple months, our users have noticed a new trend: more and more threat intelligence does not have Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) markings. While Soltra Edge has always safely handled TLP, controls for TLP:None were not previously available in the user interface. Due to popular demand, Soltra Edge 2.11.2 adds controls for TLP:None. We've taken care of everything - Rush to upgrade and assume control!

Sites Get It Right!

The first thing many new users do with Soltra Edge is set up a new Site so that they can receive threat intelligence. We spent some time carefully observing how people work, and realized we could simplify adding Sites. As a result, we created a wizard (hat and robe not included) that quickly and easily guides a user through all the steps for Site addition. In particular, Sites that require Client TLS Certificates as part of their two-factor authentication are significantly easier to set up.


  1. Enhanced Publishing Feeds by adding support for threat intelligence with TLP:None

  2. Enhanced logging by sending TAXII logs to the event log

  3. Enhanced site by adding a shiny new wizard

  4. Enhanced builders by adding TLP:None as a TLP option

  5. Enhanced the users page by adding a CSV Export of Users and Orgs

  6. Enhanced asynchronous tasks by sending errors to the crashlog

  7. Enhanced the clipboard by adding the ability to view object detail from it

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where users could not share an object with TLP:None

  2. Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, search would delete characters in Chrome and FireFox

  3. Fixed a bug where password reset emails were not being sent

  4. Fixed a bug where the "Clear Feed" button would not clear the form

  5. Fixed a bug where Course of Action Builder Edit/View fields would open the incorrect URL 

  6. Fixed a bug where, after upgrade, users would have to clear the cache to get new front-end assets (e.g., JavaScript, CSS)

  7. Fixed an issue where deleting an object from the clipboard did not remove links or update counts on the dashboard

  8. Fixed an issue where feeds added from the Directory Service did not honor the entered Poll From date

  9. Fixed an issue where older STIX data (pre 2.3) was incompatible with 2.11.2

  10. Fixed an issue where objects would incorrectly appear to be in a Trust Group

  11. Fixed an issue where the Organizations list did not display in internet explorer

  12. Fixed an issue where the REST API listed XML twice

  13. Fixed an issue where assigning STIX objects to trust groups would fail

Shout Outs

Thank you to Zach for alerting us to this new trend of TLP:None. Thank you to Beth for reporting a number of bugs that were resolved in this release.

If you'd like a shout out, please report issues to your support contact or on the Soltra Forums.

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