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Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.11.3

(Released 2/20/2018)

Zen for IE10 

Our users reported a handful of user administration usability issues that show up in Windows/IE10 environments. We've gone ahead and fixed those.

Shout Outs!

Thank you to Beth for alerting us to many of these issues.


  1. CSV Plug-in: Change First Column of User CSV Report to "User ID"

Bug Fixes

*Note that visibility of some features is dependent upon your license model and access level (role).

  1. Two-way users cannot access "Forgot Password" pages
  2. CSV Plug-in: Users CSV Report Lacks File extension on any Windows Browser
  3. CSV Plug-in: Opening Downloaded CSV Report Causes Remote Procedure Call Failed Error on Windows/IE10

Known Issues

  1. For Enterprise customers, upgrading from previous versions with the REST API, CSV, NonSTIX, and Email plugins installed may result in a non-operational Soltra Edge. The resolution is to remove all plug-ins prior to upgrade.  If the upgrade has already been performed and the system is in a broken state, modify the Soltra Edge configuration file and place Edge in safe_mode by setting safe_mode=on and restarting all Edge related services (service httpd restartservice edge-worker restart, and service edge-scheduler restart) from the command line.  Login to the Edge web interface and uninstall the plugins in question, disable safe_mode, and restart the services or reboot.  


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