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Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.11.4

(Released 5/1/2018)

UI in the Fast Lane

When under heavy TAXII load, Soltra Edge users could experience reduced user interface (UI) performance. We've dedicated capacity to the UI so that the user interface no longer slows down when TAXII is under load. Enjoy the fast lane!

Bugs? What bugs?

We fixed a number of bugs in this release, and updated our test suite to make sure they don't come back. The full list is below.




  1. Trust Groups Should Display User ID Instead of Failing to Load When User Is Not In Database
  2. Prevent TAXII Volume from Increasing UI Latency

Bug Fixes

  1. Apply Tag Filter is Unusable in Firefox
  2. Feed Contents Does Not Respect Date Filters, Displays Too Many Objects
  3. Update publish settings silently fails on form validation errors
  4. Staff user cannot add/remove objects from trustgroups via clipboard
  5. TAXII Inbox - Unable to delete any inbox
  6. User breadcrumb link does not work from user profile
  7. Clipboard share tab is visually disabled but still clickable
  8. Create a Health Check for Invalid Schedule Types
  9. Directory Service Feed Config works but JS error in IE11 causes appearance of failure
  10. Task cron.cache_taxii.update failing due to OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
  11. Clipboard Connections Link Is Present on All Tabs, Should Only be On Share Tab
  12. Clipboard Delete Frontend is Overly Permissive
  13. Filter Users Fails on Windows/IE10 and IE11
  14. Feed Edit Form Does Not Save Changes to ISA ACS Fields
  15. Feed Preview of Unnamed Feed Does Not Paginate
  16. Site Discovery Does Not Use Proxy NTLM Auth Credentials
  17. Feed Cannot Be Published When TLP, Date Offset, or Date Range Filters Are Specified
  18. REST API "Manage Users" page fails to load users with 504 timeout
  19. Publish - Feed Preview Page is Missing the "Back to Build" Link
  20. Publish new feed - ISA ACS tab is missing Access Privilege field
  21. Publish - All object type checkbox are selected by default
  22. Publish - unnamed feed always populate the original parameter values when previewing feed multiple times
  23. Publish - Wrong label for ISA ACS field
  24. Search result Observable Type: Value fails when Value is Unicode
  25. Search does not find Observables by full URL values
  26. Publish - Feed Preview Counter show no row when previewing un-named feed
  27. Publish - Query selection will be reset on Chrome when Back button is clicked from unnamed preview page
  28. Celery can't run share_back job due to missing import
  29. Static Assets 404 when loading System Overview page
  30. Invalid Feed URLs Display Builder Preview With Undefined Contents
  31. Feed UI Counter Continues to Spin Even if Task Failed


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