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CTX/Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.9.1

(Released 12/19/2016)


  • Rebranded product as CTX/Soltra Edge, a product of NC4 Soltra LLC
  • Updated length of trial license.
    • The trial license period has been extended to 90 days. This will allow customers to freely evaluate the CTX/Soltra Edge features and capabilities.
  • Enforced License Restrictions and Expiration.
    • Upon license expiration, incoming and outgoing TAXII connections will be disabled.
    • Incoming Connections: An external TAXII client will receive a 401 Unauthorized error.
    • Outgoing Connections: When CTX/Soltra Edge acts as a client polling information from another TAXII server, the connection will not complete.
  • Updated End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • Removed Backup/Restore scripts. Members should consult with NC4 Soltra Support team for Backup/Restore Guidance.
  • Updated User Interface wording from SSL Mutual Authentication to HTTPS Mutual Authentication.

Bug fixes

  • Indicator Builder
    • Indicator Builder now renders Trust Groups, Observables, Indicated TTPs, Related Indicators, and Suggested COAs choices correctly in IE11.
  • Support Scripts have been modified to gather system information and share with CTX/Soltra Edge support team.
  • Corrected Feed behavior to ensure accurate Feed results are provided when “Exclude Private IP Address Ranges? (RFC 19818)” is selected as a Feed filter.
  • Resolved an issue where there was a delay between a user creating an object and the object being included in search results.