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Single User Mode

Single User mode enables you to reset the Linux admin account if forgotten. This will be needed for yum updating the appliance and various other operations.

Single User mode knowledge base is found at this location:


Performing a Single User Mode password reset for Soltra Edge

Note: The UI ‘admin’ account and the Linux ‘admin’ account are two separate accounts. If you require assistance resetting the Soltra Edge UI admin account, please email

If the appliance you need to perform this reset on is running, please shutdown the appliance. Pending the hypervisor being used, is possible to just restart the appliance instead of shutting down.

From the VM console, press letter “M” to bring up the console menu.



Input a capital “S” to shut the appliance down.




When you start up your appliance you will need to enter into the VMs capture mode, typically by clicking into the VM screen, and start selecting “Shift” over and over until you get to GRUB.

Leave the first entry highlighted and press letter “e” to edit.



Arrow down to the “kernel” entry and press letter “e” to edit.



Input a space at the end of the entry and type in “single”.



Once ‘Single’ has been added to the line, press enter.

Leave the “Kernel” entry highlighted and press letter “b” to boot.



Type in ‘passwd admin’ (default admin account is called admin, if you have changed this username, input the modified account name).



Enter a new password for the account.


Ensure to provide a complex password for this account. If you are getting the warnings in the screenshot below, it is best to use a more complex password.


After re-entering the new password, you will get the output shown below.



Reboot your appliance by typing in ‘reboot’ and pressing enter.




For more information, join the conversation in the Soltra Edge Forums at