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SSH into Soltra Edge

Soltra Edge provides SSH capabilities. You can utilize OS tools and 3rd party tools to execute pending your needs.

Before you attempt to SSH into your appliance, please confirm that SSH is enabled (by default the OVA comes with SSH enabled).

Access the console of your VM.

In the bottom right corner of the console screen, you are given some letter options. Press letter “M” to bring up the menu.



Confirm that the menu shows “disable sshd”.



If you need to enable SSH, press letter “S”.



SSH into your appliance

How you SSH into your appliance is dependent on the operating system you are using. OS X will typically use Terminal and Windows systems will typically use 3rd party tools.


Select “Go” from Navigation bar and select “Utilities”.



Select “Terminal”.




Enter “ssh (where is your Edge appliance IP address) to gain SSH access.





Microsoft Windows

SSH via Windows as some limitations explained in this TechNet article ( As stated in the TechNet article, Microsoft suggests using other tools like PuTTY (

For assistance with the installation/use of PuTTY, please see the following links:



For more information, join the conversation in the Soltra Edge Forums at