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Soltra Edge Minimum Hardware Requirements

These recommendations apply to the Soltra Edge instance running as either a physical or virtual machine.  If running Soltra Edge as a virtual machine, the host environment must provide dedicated resources to the Soltra Edge virtual machine and Physical Address Extension (PAE) is required. Soltra Edge has been certified on both VirtualBox and VMware. Other tools that support OVF/OVA should be able to import the Soltra Edge’s ova file and start it up as a virtual machine.

Disk Storage, CPU cores and RAM requirements are dependent on the number of STIX objects stored in Soltra Edge and system utilization.  The following recommendations are guidelines and may be adjusted according to the customer’s specific architecture, use case and performance requirements.

Target operating systems

  • CentOS 6.9
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9

VM Requirements

Contact sales/support for other Hypervisors and Cloud IAS Providers.


  •     Production Environment:    >= 8 cores
  •     Testing Environment:          >= 4 cores (assumes limited amount of data)


  •     Production Environment:    >= 16 GB
  •     Testing Environment:          >= 8 GB (assumes limited amount of data)


  •     OS Partition:                       >= 20 GB
  •     Application Partition:          >= 200 GB

Application storage is dependent on the number of CTI sources and the number of STIX objects in each source.

Storage Best Practices

    RAID–10 and/or SSDs are recommended. In either case 800 Input/Output Operations per second (IOPs) are recommended for performance.
   IOPs can be measured with the open-source Bonnie utility


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