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Accelerating Your Workflow Using Tags and Full Text Search

For the most up to date documentation on Search and Tags, use the links found on Soltra Edge Features. 

With Soltra Edge, you now have the ability to accelerate your workflow with the additions of tags and full-text search.


Soltra Edge contains a full-text search capability that replaces the object catalog from previous versions. Searches can include full-text keywords and key/value terms. The new search capability provides results at human-interactive speed and scales to millions of indicators stored in the database. Search results can be bookmarked in the browser and shared with other users using the URL.

Example Parameters:

- Tag                                          tag:priority-high

- Received Date                        year:2016 month:10 day:3

- Intelligence Type                    type:ind

- Intelligence Sub-Type             subtype:ip-watchlist

- XML Namespace (Alias)         ns:opensource

- Contributing User                   user:jsmith

Seach for Observable using ID

Search using object type and search string


Intelligence can now be tagged, helping users organize their threat intelligence. Tags appear on the Object Detail page, in search results, and may be used in searches (e.g., tag:tagname)

Tags can be added to an object by clicking on an object, and pressing the add tag button on the top right corner.

Click as many applicable tags to add them to the object.

Tagged objects can be found using the search parameter “tag:”


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