About Soltra Edge

Soltra Edge leverages the open industry standards of STIX (Structured Threat Information eXpression) and TAXII (Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information) to collect threat intelligence from various sources and convert it into the industry-standard language, revealing information that helps firms make decisions on what actions they need to take to help users better protect their organizations against cyber threats.

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How Soltra Edge Works

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Soltra Edge Difference


Our solutions are built by renown industry experts and focused on providing secure, flexible, standards-driven, trustworthy solutions for the foundation of your CTI operations.


Join the largest community of TAXII servers, adopted around the world in nearly every industry sector, as we continue to grow and share CTI to battle threat actors.


Soltra Edge is open and flexible. It doesn’t lock you in to a closed and limited platform.

Standards Driven

Other solutions only say they’re STIX/TAXII compatible, but there are limitations under the hood. Soltra Edge is built on the STIX & TAXII standards and is built to integrate with non-standard sources.


Proven in research by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, that used Soltra Edge for automated information sharing, to reduce threat-response time by 98 percent to under a minute from awareness to decision, and under 30 seconds from decision to action

Founded and owned by DTCC and FS-ISAC, our parent companies are the leaders in driving and adopting the sharing of CTI to help protect the financial sector and deploying that technology for the benefit of all other industries.

Relied on by over 2,800 domestic and foreign companies and governments, Soltra Edge is the mostly widely adopted cyber threat intelligence communication platform in the world.

Leaders of Soltra are experts who are heavily invested in driving and maintaining the MITRE & DHS created, and now Oasis managed, efforts of the Cyber Threat Intel tCommittee to improve the STIX & TAXII standards.


Our on-premise solution lives where you know you can trust that your CTI data is  safe and secure with a brand built on Trust


More than just a standard threat intelligence platform, Soltra Edge® provides over 2,500 organizations and governments in 75 countries around the world with the next generation in cyber defense. This revolutionary platform enables users to identify, manage and facilitate the remediation of cyber threats. Want to Become a Member? Soltra offers various levels of support that match the needs of your organization.  Please view the Soltra membership types overview or contact sales@soltra.com.