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More than just a standard threat intelligence platform, Soltra Edge provides organizations with the next generation in cyber defense. This revolutionary platform enables users to identify, manage and facilitate the remediation of cyber threats. Soltra Edge provides a standardized, automated and centralized platform solution designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes for security analysts to understand threat information and take action to address it.


A license for Soltra Edge provides access to support resources and additional features.  Enterprise licenses also offer benefits including access to Soltra Edge plug-ins and professional services to help integrate Soltra Edge with other security solutions. For added protection we provide MongoDB Enterprise licenses for advanced capabilities, including encryption at rest. Soltra Edge is now integrated with NC4 Mission Center™ which brings person-to-person collaboration on threats with dynamic extraction of intel into your Soltra Edge repository for automated action, and machine-to-machine sharing of CTI. Many other benefits are outlined below.


Licensing Models

We offer various levels of licensing that match the needs of your organization.



Soltra Edge Enterprise licenses are intended for organizations who operate multiple SOCs and/or that have a need to aggregate data across multiple sub-organizations, suppliers, partners, etc.  Its flexibility enables it to also be scaled for ISAOs, ISACs, and CERTS that have a need for segregation of separation of duties in order to comply with major compliance initiatives such as NIST 800-53, ISP 27001/2, etc. The Enterprise version includes multiple instances of Soltra Edge as well as additional options available a la carte. NC4 Mission Center can also be enabled for additional person-to-person collaboration.


Soltra Edge Standard is for small security teams or an individual with a need for Cyber Threat Intelligence-driven cyber defenses. It enables users to send and receive threat intelligence from any number of sources.


Soltra Edge LE is a free version for receiving information and staying current with threat intelligence. The LE version provides users with the ability to consume incoming threat feeds, including those from the Department of Homeland Security Automated Information Sharing (AIS) program.

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