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Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.11.6

(Released 12/14/2018)

TAXII Gets Tougher

In certain cases, polling in Soltra Edge would fail while sending malformed Cyber Threat Intelligence. In this new and exciting update, Soltra Edge can detect where these errors would happen and now skips them. For the "fail closed" crowd, our support team can help you configure Soltra Edge so that the feed halts when sending malformed Cyber Threat Intelligence. 

Shout Outs

Shout out to Tony for helping us to make TAXII tougher!

Bug Fixes

  1. Remove >> button in non-system feed to prevent system crash
  2. Persist Organization Reports to GridFS to maintain previously generated reports
  3. Re-add form elements on publish edit page
  4. Update the Grid View after upgrading to 2.11.4
  5. Add an Organization panel to the Identity tab on User Detail page
  6. Improving the TAXII Poll Request/Response Date-Range Interval
  7. Display TLP search help message when an invalid option is entered
  8. TAXII Push (via Clipboard) Fails When Using DHS AIS Profile
  9. Search doesn't display properly for regular user with TLP none when it has over 1 million objects
  10. Feed Contents of Query Preview bug: location hash decode problem causes data.query undefined



  1. TAXII more resilient to invalid XML
  2. Permit Setting Superuser Role in UI
  3. Staff user is able to toggle Active and Unlocked option for admin user


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