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Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.12

(Released 2/27/2019)

Publishing Powerup

Our users publish a lot of CTI, and they let us know when it can be better. We've listened! We've re-organized, clarified, and prettified the user experience for publishing CTI.

Users gets Organized

Organizing Users has never been easier. We've improved searching, counting, activating, deactivating, reporting, and performance. If you have users, you're welcome!


Shout outs

Shout out to Chris for helping us improve reporting.

Shout out to Tony for helping us understand how to power up publishing.

Shout out to Clement for helping us provide a more secure Edge.

Shout out to Vincent for helping us master the quality of share back.


List of bugs and enhancements:

  • Publish: Reorganize Publish Form For Clarity
  • Publish: Syntax error throwing in dev tool when user click Publish > Add
  • Publish: Clarify Help message for Share with All option
  • Publish: Rename and Re-Order Publish Navigation Tabs
  • UI: Unify Main and related object type checkbox styling
  • UI: Display User Count on Users Page
  • UI: Display Org Count on Org Page
  • UI: Move System Feed to Security Tab and rename
  • UI: Organize Main Object Types on Feed Creation Page
  • UI: Change output on Related Object type selections
  • UI: Enhance User status buttons
  • UI: Display complete error message when invalid tag color format is entered
  • UI: Display Advanced Configuration on IE
  • UI: User filtering performance
  • UI: Improve UI/UX Behavior on Trust Group's "Invite Users"
  • UI: Improve performance of Users Dashboard
  • UI: Improve core/base application styling
  • UI: CSV Plugin observable types list in UI blank
  • UI: Changes to Orgs table to make more consistent with Users table
  • UI: Improved UI for User Deactivation
  • Users: Improve Partial keyword search when including a period
  • Users: Improve user name search with exact match option
  • Users: Stablize User CSV Report on systems with hundreds of users and 10's of millions of use_auth records
  • Users: Deactivate Users when Deactivating an Organization
  • Users: Regulate behavior when disable/enable an user using User's Account Status option
  • Users: Reveal all nav-tabs to superuser who is not staff
  • Users: Implement Solution for user_auth Performance Problems
  • Users: Quicken User page loading for a large number of users
  • Users: Validate User Organization selection
  • Reporting: Basic CSV reporting of easily attained counts/stats/metrics, so that I can report usage of the system to my management
  • Reporting: Add management command to clear and recalculate reporting stats
  • Add Date Information to TAXII Activity Logs
  • Plug-ins: Display API Plugin on the plugin menu after installed
  • Clipboard: Display objects created by system when non-admin user add them to clipboard
  • Clipboard: Ensure objects added to clipboard do not show as Bad Observable/Indicator/etc.
  • Logs: Persist all log messages to log files
  • Delete Old STIX Objects Using edgectl
  • Move Server Email field to System Settings Email Tab
  • Efficiency: Decrease Run Frequency of MapReduce Jobs to Save RAM
  • Ensure Builder Edit Can Modify Trust Groups
  • Resolve NonSTIX OpenIOC Example URLs
  • Enable a Warning When Push Exceeds License Limits
  • Use stated manual time in Push feature in Sites
  • Add missing alt text to img tags as reported by SonarQube
  • Site Push: ensure all connected feeds display unique polling details
  • Add missing index for Loading Uploads page
  • Remove 3DES Cipher from Apache Config
  • Static Assets 404 when loading System Overview page
  • Remove ability to select CSV from upload page
  • Ensure Server Tasks display properly render all entries
  • Builder: Save Trust group selection for TTP
  • Consistency with "ObservableComposition" in Search
  • Trust Group should always be spelled "Trust Group"
  • Find edge-check executable by edge-support-request
  • Peer Site JS error when hash missing from route
  • Round Trip LinkObject Observables
  • Server Overview: Improve URL for TAXII Server Feeds Sent Today
  • Upload: Improve API display when deleting an uploaded xml
  • Allow LDAP User to be enabled after creation
  • Change Sites breadcrumb links to “Sites” and not "Peers”
  • IE: Allow Sites/Peers to load
  • Improve Backend API Error Message
  • Organization: Improve the Deactivate user account option on the Deactivate Organization popup
  • Organization: Improve the search by namespace with forward slash "http://"


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