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Soltra Edge Release Notes for 2.12.1

(Released 4/18/2019)

Soltra, Now With 15% More Soltra

For those of you who can’t get enough cyber threat intelligence – and really, who can? – Soltra Edge now serves up to 15% more CTI than before! We have observed up to 15% increased network throughput on our largest deployments without an increase in resource utilization – hats off to the engineers for this latest improvement!


  • Improve Performance by adding Index to indicators_by_date collection
  • Improve Performance for Feed Builder with large number of users
  • Delete push configurations along with respective deleted sites
  • Enable clear functionality of Sites Push manual schedule start/stop buttons on first click
  • Simplify XML upload options to “Upload STIX 1.1.1”
  • Enable feed deletion during an active Poll
  • Update Soltra License page automatically
  • UI: Optimize long organization names for expansion in UI
  • UI: Refresh Display UI Customizations on Form Submission
  • UI: Disable all fields in Read-Only builder view
  • Only allow users to be assigned to an activated organization
  • Validate Licensing matrix doc URL in Shareback
  • Create intermediate statuses for preparing feed run, poll, and stop
  • Update front-end libraries
  • Improve example domain used for Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and elsewhere
  • Disappear the Trial License banner upon installation of new license


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