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Soltra Edge Dashboard

The Soltra Edge Dashboard provides a view into data that has been polled by your Edge appliance. This is the default page all users will see when signing into a Soltra Edge appliance. One important note, all data shown to a user in the dashboard is dependent on their TLP level. If the user only has access for White and Green data, then only White and Green data will be displayed in all charts and stats.

There are several view options provided on the Dashboard:

  • Chart View
  • Grid View
  • List View


Chart View

The Dashboard Chart View provides a bar graph that allows you to hover over date ranges to see object types and counts.



The Viewing Feed option in the upper left-hand corner of the Chart is set to show the last 30 days of Indicators by Type. By selecting the drop down, you can change to view to see the last 30 days of Observables by Type.




Grid View

The Grid View shows you a tiled view of each date range and a count of Indicators and Producers.



The Viewing Feed option is set to show All Objects by default. If you have created a feed, you are able to select the feed and view its information via Grid View.



All tiles are clickable which will enable you to drill down into the objects further to investigate the data polled on that date.




List View

The List View shows you a listing of your data in columns of date, total indicators, and total producers. Each date is clickable which enables you to drill down into the data that was polled on that date. 



The Viewing Feed option is defaulted to All Objects. If you have a feed created you can select the feed to see data that only pertains to your feed criteria.



Dashboard Stats



At the bottom of the Dashboard page are three stats for your Soltra Edge appliance:

  • Top Contributors
  • Indicator Types
  • Top Sightings

These stats update every 15 seconds on your appliance.


Top Contributors

Top Contributors show what user account has contributed the most data on Soltra Edge. Most Soltra Edge appliances will show the “system” account as the Top Contributor if the primary use of Soltra Edge is to poll data from other TAXII feeds. However, if your Soltra Edge appliance is not polling TAXII feeds and used solely to create CTI and share this data, Top Contributors will show several user names in this list.


Indicator Types

The Indicator Types stat shows the top indicators the Soltra Edge appliance has in its database. Each type in the list is clickable to drill down deeper into the data.



Top Sightings

The Top Sightings stat that shows if an object has any sightings as pertains to the STIX suggested practices stated here:



All Stored Objects

All Stored Objects is another data point that gives you a view into you’re the data in your appliance. Each object is listed and a total count of that object will be shown to the right in the gray bubble.




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