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Soltra Edge Publish

Soltra Edge provides a feature that allows the Soltra Edge admin or user to create and publish a feed of specifically identified threat intelligence data. This data can be shared with a group of users or shared with specific people.

To access Publish select “Publish” in the navigation bar.



How to Publish a Feed

Select the “Add” button.



When adding a feed, you are provided a menu of options you can use for filtering what data you want in the feed you are creating.



Search Filters

Search Filters is the first menu option to populate your feed with the data you want to publish.





Related Objects

The “Related Objects” option by default pre-selects all related objects to be included in your created feed. These are objects that have a STIX relationship with the object being polled.




The “Security” menu option allows the feed creator to determine with whom a feed will be shared, via choosing a username or sharing with a Trustgroup.





For government use only. If selected, only objects with the specified ISA ACS markings will be included. 



Name the feed

Provide a name for your feed. Once you type in a name for the feed, select the blue “apply” button.



Your created feed will be shown as follows.



Click on the blue feed name and you will see the results of the created feed.



Editing a created Feed

To edit a feed, click the orange "Edit" icon next to your feed name.



Edit the fields you want to change and select the blue “Apply” button.



Deleting a Feed

To delete a feed, from the main “Publish” page, select the red "X" next to the feed you want removed.




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