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Soltra Edge Trust Groups

Trust Groups are the primary method of data sharing and information control within Soltra Edge and the backbone to the collaborative sharing process. The addition of the Trust Group layer gives a powerful methodology to filter and sort data both manually and automatically. Because this is a core product feature, it interacts with many other core product features, such as Virtual Inbox-ing, User Management, Feeds, and Site Polling.


Access Trust Groups by logging into Soltra Edge as an Admin and selecting "Trust Groups" in the top navigation bar.



To create a Trust Group, click the "Add" button.



Type in the name of your Trust Group and click "Create Group".



Once the Trust Group is created you will want to add members to your group which you will do by clicking the created Trust Group name.



Click the blue "Invite Users" button to get to the member invitation screen.



Select the user/s you want to invite to your Trust Group and click "Add".



Once you have added all the users you want to invite to your Trust Group, click the blue "Invite" button.

Note: Ensure to leave checked the “Send Message” box so the users will be prompted with a message about their Trust Group invitation upon login to your Soltra Edge instance via an inbox message.

Note: This message will not come via email if SMTP is set up on the Soltra Edge instance.



You will see John’s name on the named Trust Group screen and will need to choose a mode in which the invitation will either be sent or a specific Trust Group permission will be applied.



Mode definitions

  • Admin – Administrator of Trust Group and can administer users of trust group
  • Member – Soltra Edge Admin option to force a user to be a member of a Trust Group without the user accepting the Trust Group invitation
  • Invite – Default option in Soltra Edge which sends a message to the user profile inbox

The user who was invited (John) will sign into Soltra Edge using their user account and see the inbox message waiting for them.



The user, John, will select the inbox message and get to the inbox screen. 



The user, John, will click the link to open the inbox message and click the link to view the invitation.



The user, John, will get to the invitation screen where he will select the blue "Join" button to join the Trust Group.



The user, John, will be prompted to join the Trust Group by selecting the blue "Join Group" button.



The user, John, is taken to the Trust Group summary page where the Trust Group name is shown, number of members is stated, when the list was last updated, and given the option to leave the Trust Group.



At this time, the Soltra Edge administrator has successfully set up a new Trust Group and invited members to join the group.

The users that are part of this Trust Group will see all objects in their Home screen of Soltra Edge upon sign in based on what data is associated with the TLP level in which they have access and what data is filtered via a feed and shared with the Trust Group they are apart.




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