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Soltra Edge Upload

The Soltra Edge Upload feature allows a user/admin to upload xml data manually. Depending on an organizations policy, manual uploads could be preferred over polling a feed. In this event the Soltra Edge user/admin will manually upload the xml documents using Upload.

To access Upload, select "Upload" from the navigation bar.



The “Upload” page is displayed showing the option for manual file upload as well as a history of uploads on the Soltra Edge appliance.



Manually Uploading a document

Soltra Edge provides an option to manually upload a document.

Select the “Select file type…” drop down and choose “”, then select the green “Select and Upload…” button.




The green “Select and Upload…” button will open your explorer or finder window where you can navigate to where your document resides.


Shown on Mac OS X


The success or failure of the document upload is shown under the “User Uploads” area. Click the “User Uploads” drop down arrow and you will see your document filename, size, Id, Content Binding, the date it was uploaded on, and its status.



Deleting a document

You can delete a selected upload in the “User Uploads” area.

Select the file you wish to delete and click the blue “Delete Selected” button.




You can view the objects that have been uploaded via TAXII under the TAXII dropdown. These uploads will typically be feeds that are polled on schedule.




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