Soltra began as a joint venture of the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), an organization focused on sharing critical cyber threat information worldwide, and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry. In November 2016, Soltra was acquired by NC4, the leading supplier of cyber threat sharing solutions.


Hundreds of years ago, communities across Europe established a series of signal fire beacons that instantly warned of invaders. The best known was called Soltra Edge. Today’s risks and threats have evolved and travel at network speeds around the globe. Across the modern cyber frontier, critical communities around the world are using a new solution to process advanced and actionable threat intelligence in real time. We’ve named that solution Soltra Edge.



Soltra Edge is the most widely used threat intelligence solution in the financial sector, from community institutions to the largest banks. Share threat intelligence to defend against cyber crime and protect banking and payment operations, client accounts and critical customer data.


Soltra Edge is widely used in the healthcare sector to share threat intelligence in order to help protect patient information and PII and also detect attacks targeting critical healthcare devices and systems.



Real-time threat intelligence sharing utilizing STIX and TAXII via Soltra Edge is an important pillar of cybersecurity and helps high tech companies defend intellectual property and business-critical systems from next generation attacks.


Critical manufacturing processes, product plans and intellectual property are often the target of advanced cyber reconnaissance, attacks and criminal activity. Information sharing using Soltra Edge helps give advanced warning of attacks and threats.


Attacks and threats can target the entire supply chain. Real-time threat intelligence sharing with Soltra Edge acts like a neighborhood watch and improves cyber resilience.


Energy delivery is the backbone of today’s interconnected digital economy. Information sharing can help protect highly regulated, often segmented systems by identifying unique and targeted attack trends and vulnerability intelligence.


From the largest national retail chains to small locally owned convenience stores, cyber criminals continue to target point of sale systems, payment systems and customer information. Cyber threat intelligence can help pinpoint retail-specific attacks, threats and vulnerabilities to help harden retail systems and prioritize cyber response activities.


As a complex, interconnected critical sector, transportation faces unique challenges when developing cyber resilience against adversaries. From roads to rails and from sea to air, real-time threat intelligence sharing leveraging Soltra Edge helps provide situational awareness of the latest cyber threats and risks.


The legal sector is responsible for handling highly sensitive information on behalf of corporate clients and faces unique risks and threats as cyber adversaries seek new data sources. Over the past year, this sector has come together to stand up threat intelligence sharing and is starting to leverage automation via Soltra Edge.


For smaller and medium size organizations that don’t have in house threat intelligence operations, working with a service provider or MSSP can help deliver the benefits of valuable threat intelligence without requiring in house staff. For MSSPs that are building out threat intelligence practice areas, Soltra Edge offers a proven, scalable threat intelligence platform.


Soltra Edge was created with input from hundreds of members of the FS-ISAC, the largest information sharing group. But it was designed from the start to automate information sharing for ISACs (critical sector sharing organizations) and ISAOs (non critical sector sharing organizations) by centralizing threat intelligence into repositories that provide easy access for members, yet retain all the information sharing protocols required (circles of trust, traffic light protocol labels, etc.). Today, Soltra Edge is used by multiple ISACs, ISAOs and regional sharing groups to streamline threat intelligence communications.

Multiple CERTs have centralized information sharing using Soltra Edge. CERTs are an important vanguard in the fight against cyber crime and cyber adversaries and often provide early intelligence that can be quickly utilized by critical sector entities.


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Soltra Edge leverages the open industry standards of STIX (Structured Threat Information eXpression) and TAXII (Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information) to collect threat intelligence from various sources and convert it into the industry-standard language, revealing information that helps firms make decisions on what actions they need to take to help users better protect their organizations against cyber threats.

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